NYC Winter Event


What an exceptional night! A big thank you to the band, Run for Cover, and everyone turning out at Hill Country in NYC on March 4th.

We ended up with over 150 attendees in our inaugural event and raised money and awareness for the Rhabdomyosarcoma cause. It was a special honor to be joined by the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory team partnering with us on this important research. A HUGE thank you to all involved. Looking forward to an even bigger and better NYC Winter Event 2016!


Golf Outing 2014


A spectacular day! Wonderful participation, beautiful weather and a great venue all contributed to a very successful outing.  A tremendous thank you to our event sponsor, Signature Premier Properties, as well as all of the families and businesses who sponsored the event. Numbers in terms of attendance and donations exceeded the 2013 Outing.

Thank you to everyone who helped in
so many ways. Some volunteered for registration, others worked on live or silent auction items and a very generous friend took photos all day long. Great friends jumped in at the last minute to round out the exact numbers needed for tennis and bridge. They made the event planning seem effortless.

We hope everyone has been thanked either personally, by email, by letter or by phone.
Every single person played an important role in delivering our message and for the successful outcome of funds raised for research. More importantly, everyone is helping the Foundation fulfill T.J.’s search for better treatments, a longer life for those diagnosed and maybe a cure!


May Symposium


As many of you know, the first three day symposium on RMS ever to be held was hosted in May, 2014 at CSHL’s Banbury Center.

This symposium, which Dr. Stillman addressed in his letter to our Foundation, held the key to unlocking the pieces of scientific information that were necessary to move forward with the projected research. The symposium also identified the scientists and clinicians who would eventually partner with the Lab to start this critically needed research. The Michelle Paternoster Foundation and the Christina Renna Foundation also funded the Symposium.

This fall, we were thrilled to have the Clarke Gillies Foundation join the other groups. Much help is needed to fund a world class research project. Our hopes of expanding are becoming a reality.

February 2014 Thank You Event


Many 2013 Outing sponsors met on a chilly February evening at the CSHL for an evening of appreciation. To the backdrop of a photo presentation of the 1st Outing and T.J.’s life, donors enjoyed a glass of wine, a few words of thanks from Tom Arcati and a speech from Dr. Bruce Stillman about plans for the ambitious research project.

The highlight of the evening was a tour of the Demerec Lab. Our donors were able to view a working lab and experience a rare opportunity to be inside the halls of research. Although difficult to understand for most, everyone left with a better understanding and appreciation for the work involved. Some expressed an appreciation for seeing the work in progress rather than just hearing or reading about it.